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Terms and Conditions

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All For One Choir Ltd terms and conditions.


1. An All For One choir Ltd (AFO Choir) will only begin/continue with a minimum sized group. If the minimum required group is not achieved or falls below the required number, members of this group will be refunded for any sessions they have paid in advance for, on a pro rata basis and they will be offered another choir or put on our waiting list until the group size has been achieved.

2. If you take part in any workshop, performance, rehearsal, or event, it is agreed that any use of resources, techniques and ideas learned, will not be replicated, used, copied, or amended at any other group or event or at any venue. If the fore-mentioned are used, legal action will be taken against the individual. The concepts, harmonies, and resources used in All For One Choir Ltd are owned under copyright laws by All For One Choir Ltd.

3. The company that is All For One Choir Ltd has the right to deny admission of any member who does not fulfil our requirements or who is seen to be joining All For One Choir Ltd to abuse their membership to access the intellectual property or to copy the brand owned by All For One Choir Ltd.

4. Rehearsals for All For One Choir Ltd generally run in term time only over a full academic year. (Please see our term times stated on our website.We tend to follow specific schools regional calendar) We at All For One Choir Ltd reserve the right to alter the schedule of rehearsals to fit in with performances and other events that may be taking place. In special circumstances, we may run extra rehearsals/joint rehearsals or performances during school holidays. (We will give as much advance notice of this as possible and a minimum of 12 hours notice.) 

5. Video/film footage and photographs will sometimes be taken of all members and possibly used for marketing and advertising purposes in the promotion of All For One Choir Ltd. By being an All For One choir Ltd member you agree to all film footage/photographs to be used without reward. 

6. In applying to be a member of All For One Choir Ltd members are assumed to be medically fit to undertake all physical and vocal demands during their termly participation. If an individual has any doubts, these should be indicated to All For One Choir Ltd prior to their application, members are responsible for notifying All For One Choir Ltd of any changes in their health we should be aware of. We will always try our best to accommodate all disabilities at both rehearsals and concerts although in certain situations, at our discretion, a member may regrettably have to be excluded at a particular venue. This is very rare as we do our best to find suitable venues.

7. Your All For One Choir Ltd director reserves the right to stop the admission of any member who is presumed to not fulfil the requirements although consideration will be given to all members with disabilities so that they may attend an All For One Choir Ltd.

8. All choir members must attend rehearsals and perform in our official All For One T-shirt / Hoodie / Sweatshirt. During performances, a choir member will be required to wear the aforementioned and also plain black full-length trousers or long black skirt and black tights of their choosing. A T-shirt is included in our once only joining fee, payable at the time of registration. 

9. All member benefits such as preferential discount rates and any free entry to concerts are only to be used by All For One Choir Ltd members. 

10. Should a choir member be absent for a period of more than one term, we may require a further registration fee, and you may lose your place in the choir or be placed on a waiting list until a place becomes available.

11. All For One Choir Ltd do not allow discounts for holidays. Your monthly direct debit /termly payment holds your place in the choir, as all of our choirs have a maximum choir membership specific to each choir. Choir members may, however, take holidays during term time and still keep their place in the choir. No refunds will be made for missed/unattended sessions. Should a choir members holidays fall at the start of the term, please ensure your quarterly payment is made on or before our due date to hold your place. This allows us to hold your place in the choir pending your return.

12. Should a rehearsal have to be cancelled due to severe weather, illness, venue cancellation, notice will be given via our website. No refunds will be given and an alternative session is always available at another venue or date. You (as an AFO member) are responsible for checking the website for notice of cancellation. This will be posted our home page and emailed via our sign up the newsletter which can be found in our member's area.

13. ALL soloists must be present for ALL rehearsals unless by prior arrangement with choir directors. Soloists may also need to be present for extra rehearsals if necessary, soloists may be required to arrive earlier than the choir for sound checking at an event etc.

14. As an All For One Choir Ltd member you are expected to download and print copies of the lyric’s from the member's area on our website, and bring them to each choir session you attend. We will mostly issue new lyrics when we learn a new song, but we are unable to bring copies of all the past songs to each rehearsal for each member. If you have a problem printing lyrics from our website please ask an All For One Choir staff member for help.

15. Each member will only be entitled to one free taster session.

Payment Methods


1.Monthly payments: If the member swaps to the monthly payment system partway through the term, any fees will be pro rata to the full term amount remaining. Payments must be set up before the start of term and will continue monthly throughout the year until the member leaves All For One Choir Ltd. When a member making monthly payments wishes to leave All For One Choir Ltd they are required to email requesting cancellation of their membership. Any outstanding payment will need to be settled before the payment scheme is cancelled. All For One Choir Ltd will need 14 days notice of cancellation and cannot backdate payments or refunds (if applicable) to before notice of cancellation. It is a choir member responsibility for any cancellation.

2.Direct debit payments are evenly distributed across a calendar year and will be taken on or around the 15th of every month. Should a choir member wish to cancel their direct debit and revert to termly payments you will be charged on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of any term via our invoice system. 

Please note- the monthly direct debit option is for members to pay the fees for a calendar year over 12 equal monthly instalments, once set up it continues to run until cancelled. Direct Debits that are set up after the payment collection date (15th of every month) may be liable for an initial payment by PayPal invoice which would count as the first payment, to bring the schedule in line with the term. 


3.The fees payable to All For One Choir Ltd are inclusive of VAT at the UK standard rate.

4.Termly payments: ( 4 x Payments per year) Your termly fee must be received and processed before the start of each term to secure a place in the relevant choir unless otherwise agreed. You will be sent a PayPal Invoice, if full payment is not received on or before the start of the third week, downloads will not be available. If a member who is making termly payments wishes to leave All For One Choir Ltd they are required to email to request closure of their membership. Payments to our invoice system can be made by debit or credit card or a PayPal account. Please note choir members wishing to pay via our invoice system may have to wait up to 10 working days for manual activation of their online account if it is allowed to expire. All For One Choir reserve the right to charge a fee for PayPal Transactions. 

5.For all members who wish to pay termly but are unable to pay via direct debit, or shop you will need to contact us via email or call head office on 01469 208406 Mon to Friday 9 am to 5 pm call   Your termly payment secures/holds your place in the choir. Choir fees are spread out as 4 x termly payments for our calendar year. Installment dates and amounts can be found on our membership fees page. 

6. An existing member rejoining after a period of absence and joining after week 1 of our quarterly terms, will be asked to pay “back fees” or a rejoining fee, to cover administration. 

7.By accepting the terms you are agreeing to pay any applicable fees which are shown under Our Fees and should be viewed at the start of the joining process and again before confirming your payment instruction. This membership agreement starts once you have accepted the terms of the online joining process.

8. It is at the sole discretion of All For One Choir Ltd as to whether any refunds may be given and will depend on the circumstances and relevant cancellation terms. 

9. Members will be advised in advance of any change in cost of membership, quarterly or direct debit fees. This may be necessary each academic year. 

10. As from the 1st of April 2017, we will be unable to accept payments of any kind at any choir location other than Hull or Beverley. Members who wish to pay their choir fees via cash, card or cheque as asked to contact our head office via email or during office hours call head office on 01469 208406.


Additional notes


1.We do not accept any liability for any losses, damage, personal injury or other loss caused by any negligent act or omission of those providing the additional services which are specifically excluded from the membership terms and conditions and All For One Choir Ltd does not accept any responsibility for the same.

2. Any additional musical services (including, for example singing or instrumental lessons) which you contract for or agree to pay for with your Choir Leader, will not form part of your All For One Choir Ltd membership agreement and the Terms & Conditions of this agreement will not apply to them. You should be aware that if you enter into any agreement for additional services, you are entering into an agreement with them personally and not with All For One Choir Ltd.

*All Children attending have to be fully paid up members and must have the ability to learn songs and movements independently of a parent/carer. They must also, under the age of 16 be accompanied at all times by a parent/carer who is a fully paid up attending member. Children who are not members cannot attend rehearsals. 

Code of conduct

1. Members should understand clearly that All For One Choir Ltd cannot be held financially responsible for damage and/or injury caused by another choir member’s  or their own misconduct.

2. All members must adhere to times and guidelines set by All For One Choir Ltd. Punctuality is required of all choir members at both rehearsals and performances.  If a member does not make the required times for performance they may not be able to perform at that venue.

3.We strive to provide a positive and safe environment for all members. We must ensure acceptable standards of behaviour from all of our members so that we can achieve this standard. In the event that there is any negative behaviour towards other members, the public or All For One Choir Ltd staff it may lead to cancellation of the member's membership. If this situation arises, membership or term fees will not be refunded. 

4. Members should be cooperative with both staff and fellow members and uphold an equal opportunity environment. If any member has an issue regarding choir business, please direct is to your local All For One choir leader (please do not interrupt a choir session by asking questions which can be answered at the beginning or the end of the session.) 

Any issues which are not resolved by your local All For One Choir leader, please contact head office, via our contact page on our website.

5. Your choir director and official staff members are given responsibility for your rehearsals and performances and all of our choir members are asked to respect their leadership.

6. All For One Choir Ltd members must adhere to our designated dress code at rehearsals and performances. (please see section 8 of ‘Membership’)

7. Each All For One Choir Ltd member is responsible for their own travel arrangements in getting to and from rehearsals and performances unless otherwise stated. We cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss to member’s vehicles, speeding, parking tickets or charges whilst at choir or travel to a venue are the member's responsibility. 

8. Any member not attending choir sessions/rehearsals for a period of one or more terms will have member’s area access suspended pending their return. It is a member's responsibility to please advise, upon return, that you wish to have full membership restored.

9. As an All For One Choir Ltd member, you are expected to download and print copies of the lyrics from the member's area on our website. We will issue new lyric’s when we learn a completely new song that has not previously been taught, but we are unable to bring copies of all the past songs to each rehearsal for each member. If you have a problem printing lyric’s from our website please see ask an All For One Choir staff member for help.

10. Choir members who have a grievance with a provider of choir engagement/concert choir leader, management or choir member must direct all complaints to either All For One Choir Ltd head office, via our registered address or via email or direct to your choir leader.

Health and safety

1. Choir members are responsible for their own well-being and for their own property whilst attending all choir rehearsals and performances.  

2. All For One Choir Ltd is not responsible for any damage/loss to personal belongings or injury to persons whilst they are attending rehearsals and performances either before, after or during rehearsals and performances.

 3. To perform, All For One Choir members will be required to attend a minimum amount of rehearsals/performance warm-ups etc as requested by All For One Choir Ltd.

 4. A member must inform the choir director or member of staff if they feel unwell or are in need of medical attention during rehearsals or performances. Members are responsible for notifying All For One Choirs of any changes in their health we should be aware of.

Data protection act

All For One Choir Ltd holds personal and private information with regards to each member, and All For One Choir Ltd will not pass on any information to external bodies or organisations.

AFO Choir Ltd reserves the right to alter these conditions at any time. 


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