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Our Covid Safety policies and measures.

Here at AFO we believe passionately in moving forward in the continuation of providing singing outlets in our communities and in our region!

As one of the only choirs in the region to be inspected by public health and being given a good response, we are confident in our safety measures We are committed to looking after  your physical safety along with your mental health and wellbeing Here we have outlined our safety procedures that we have in place at all of our choirs in the hope that you will feel safe in returring to singing. The importance of this continues to be a priority to us. 

Social distancing


Your safety is paramount to us that's why we have measures in place to take care of you. 

1. We ask all attendees to complete a lateral flow test, at home, before all rehearsals and gigs and only attend if negative. (these are available free from your pharmacy and online)

2. We have clear, marked one way systems for arrival and departure.  

3.Staggered arrival of choir members at all of our locations.

4. Hand sanitization in all arrival areas. 

5. Social distancing of all chairs with choir members bringing their own portable chair. 

6. Great ventilation in all locations through open windows, high ceilings and open doors.

7 Limited number of attendees and user friendly pre registration required by all attendees for our track and trace systems. 

8. We belong to multiple professional bodies and follow all recent guidance as a matter of utmost importance.

9. We ask choir members to operate in our traffic light system for social contact see below.


We have taken into consideration our staffs, colleagues and choir members personal space?

As we re-open our in person indoor sessions and welcome choir members back to our sessions there is still uncertainty as to what social distancing applies. Yes there are government guidelines in place but do they actually fall inline with each persons personal opinions. 

We have adopted our own traffic light system in the form of a coloured accessory. It can be a scarf, a lanyard, a pinned on broach or even a wrist band, if prominent.

We feel our traffic light system can benefit our choir members greatly as we move into official of mandatory measures. 

Our code

I'm keeping my distance right now please do not come too close. 

Avoiding any contact but happy to chat no hugging or contact.

Happy to chat closely open to high fives, handshakes and hugging.

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