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T&C’s Memberships


1. If you participate in any workshop, performance, rehearsal, or event, you agree not to replicate, use, copy, or amend any resources, techniques, or ideas learned at any other group or event or venue. Legal action will be taken against individuals who violate this agreement. Concepts, harmonies, and resources used in All For One Choir Ltd are protected under copyright laws owned by All For One Choir Ltd.

2. All For One Choir Ltd reserves the right to deny admission to any member who does not fulfil our requirements or who is suspected of joining to abuse their membership to access intellectual property or copy the brand owned by All For One Choir Ltd.

3. Rehearsals for All For One Choir Ltd generally run during term time only over a full academic year. We reserve the right to alter the rehearsal schedule to accommodate performances and other events. Advance notice will be provided for any changes, including extra rehearsals or performances during school holidays.

4. Video/film footage and photographs may be taken of all members and used for marketing and advertising purposes. By being a member, you agree to the use of such footage and photographs without reward.

5. All members are assumed to be medically fit to undertake physical and vocal demands during their participation. Members are responsible for notifying All For One Choir Ltd of any changes in their health. We strive to accommodate people with reduced mobility and sights issues at rehearsals and concerts.

6. The All For One Choir Ltd director reserves the right to stop admission of any member who does not fulfill the requirements, with consideration given to members with mobility and sight disabilities.

7. All choir members must attend rehearsals and perform in official All For One attire. During performances, members must wear the specified attire along with plain black full-length trousers or a long black skirt and black tights. AFO clothing can be ordered at choir sessions.

8. All member benefits, such as preferential discount rates and free entry to concerts, are exclusive to All For One Choir Ltd members.

9. Absence for more than one term may require a further registration fee, and membership may be forfeited or placed on a waiting list.

10. No discounts are allowed for holidays. Monthly direct debit/termly payments secure a place in the choir. No refunds are provided for missed sessions.

11. In case of rehearsal cancellation, notice will be given via website communication channels. No refunds will be given, but alternative sessions will be available either via live streaming or another location.

12. Soloists must attend all rehearsals and may be required to arrive earlier for sound checks at events.

13. Members are expected to print lyrics from the website for each rehearsal.

14. The choir’s repertoire is chosen by the leaders, encompassing various genres, including, Rock, Pop, Gospel, Sould Classical and many more.

15. AFO Choir requires a minimum-sized group to commence or continue. Refunds or alternatives will be provided if the minimum group size is not achieved.

16. Each member is entitled to one free taster session.

17. All For One Choir is for members  aged 18's and over. 


Payment Methods


1. Monthly payments are pro rata to the remaining term amount if switched partway through the term. Cancellation requires 14 days notice.

2. Direct debit payments are taken around the 15th of each month, covering a calendar year. AFO reserves the right to collect a monthly payment should a member sign up without adequate time for our direct debit to take place.

3. Termly payments must be made before each term, with no downloads available if payment is not received by the third week.

4. Members unable to pay at sessions can arrange payment via email or phone during office hours.

5. Rejoining members may be required to pay back fees should there be a gap of no more than 2 months.

6. By accepting the terms, members agree to pay applicable fees.

7. Refunds, if applicable, are given on a pro rata basis.

8. Members will be notified in advance of any change in membership fees.

Additional Notes


1. All For One Choir Ltd does not accept liability for losses, damage, or personal injury caused by negligent acts.

2. Additional musical services contracted with Choir Leaders are separate agreements not covered by membership terms.

3. Grievances should be directed to All For One Choir Ltd head office or choir leaders.


Health and Safety


1. Members are responsible for their well-being and property during rehearsals and performances.

2. All For One Choir Ltd is not liable for damage or injury during rehearsals or performances.

3. Members must attend a minimum number of rehearsals as requested.

4. Members must inform staff of any health concerns during rehearsals or performances.


Data Protection Act


All For One Choir Ltd holds personal information may occasionally pass info onto external bodies or organisation for purposes of gigs and events etc. 

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