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Vocal health
All of the products below are a must for singers and endorsed by us.

Your voice is one of your most precious gifts and we believe it's worth looking after. We try and test all of the products you see below and believe that each and everyone should try have all of these products in their singer tool kit. *Click on the links to receive the best deals we can find, we like to do the leg work for you. 

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Vocal Zones 

Industry standard. We can't recommend this product enough to help you through that gig season when you need a little extra help. Some call it a pastille, others call it a throat sweet, a voice lozenge, a vocal tablet or even a pill. Whatever you call it, Vocalzone is the secret ingredient in over 1 billion record sales! Vocalzone Throat Pastilles were created over 100 years ago for the first superstar of the recording age, the Great Enrico Caruso. If you are a professional or amateur performer, regularly speak or present in public or rely on your voice for your livelihood, Vocalzone should be part of your routine. Vocalzone Throat Pastilles are a unique blend of powerful ingredients formulated to provide effective relief from irritated throats caused by excessive singing, speaking or smoking. They also help soothe sore throats that commonly accompany a common cold.  Click on the link to order yours directly to your door. 

Vocal Tubes

Water-resistant therapy using 'Vocal Tubes’ is good practice that aligns well with these 3 voice care principles.

Vocal habilitation:
'Vocal Tubes’ Water-resistant voice therapy is a fantastic tool for modifying or eliminating inappropriate voice behaviours that can lead to voice disorders caused by vocal misuse or voice abuse.
Water resistant voice therapy using 'Vocal Tubes’ serves as an approachable method of voice habilitation, which is the process of enabling a voice, maintaining and building good vocal skills and building fitness into a healthy functioning voice in order for it to efficiently perform demanding tasks like: high effort or athletic singing or high demanding speaking tasks.

Vocal Therapy: On-going complimentary treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.

Vocal rehabilitation:
Good vocal rehabilitation is a structured, holistic and multidisciplinary process of healing from injury, or returning the voice to basic and healthy functional levels. "Voice rehabilitation describes restoration of lost vocal function for a performer/speaker who has suffered a voice disorder or voice injury.” (NCVS, 2013, as reported by Scearce, 2016, pg. 6)

Please ALWAYS consult the advice of a medical professional such as an E.N.T (ear nose throat doctor) or your GP if you are experiencing worrying or severe voice challenges.

Vocal Tubes water resistant therapy has multiple benefits and as a voice specialist with over 20 years’ experience working directly with burgeoning singers and famous singers alike, I have witnessed & continue to witness first-hand the incredible effects this has had on so many of my clients. In fact, it is so effective that I use it myself, every day! An ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCT, SUSTAINABLE, REUSABLE- easy to clean and keep safe with our protective satin bag, keeps dust, fluff and dirt away.

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Warm Up exercises

A must for all pre gig routines and rhearsals. Filled with easy to follow vocal warm-up exercises, awesome alliterations and illustrations; you will be impressing audiences and smashing auditions in no time without damaging your most valuable asset - your voice!

Hydrating your vocal chords

The only way to effectively reach your vocal chords. A must for all singers.

High Atomization Efficiency- This portable mesh mist machine has faster atomization rate, it converts the liquid into the spray. And the small particles are less than 4μm. The residue is also less, reducing the waste of solution.

  • Lightweight & Ultra-Quiet- The Hangsun handheld mist machine is virtually silent(less than a soft whisper). No more disturbed while working or kids in sleep. It has a comfortable grip and is lighter than the average smartphone. And it battery-operated device (Battery not included), also can be used with USB cable.

  • Automatic Switch-off- Our portable mist machine is set to automatically shut off, it will automatically shut off in 10 second when no liquid. One-button operation that you only need to press one button lightly, the atomizer will start and run safely.

  • Pocket Size and Easy to store- A great added extra is the practical storage bag to safely transport the device and accessories and keep them clean. It is very convenient to carry and operate, and can be used anytime, anywhere.

  • Complete Accessories- Hangsun CN750 comes with 1*adult mask, 1*child mask, 1*mouthpiece, 1*USB cable and 1* storage bag. Suitable for all ages use and also a great travel companion.

Sing out loud and not worry about your neighbours


  • PORTABLE: BELTBOX is the perfect product that lets you take the warm-up room with you. Now you can warm up anywhere without disturbing those around you

  • REDUCES SOUND: BELTBOX’S design and its sound dampening materials allow for a sound reduction of up to 30 dB

  • REMOVABLE STRAP: BELTBOX comes with a removable head strap for a hands-free experience. Don’t let the warm up stop you from doing other tasks. It also comes with a cloth carry bag, so you can keep everything together on the go

  • EASY TO CLEAN: BELTBOX is waterproof, which makes it very easy to clean and maintain for years of use

  • Isotonic Saline Solution (Sodium chloride 0.9 %) Inhalation solution for respiratory tract humidification.

  • 40 ampoules (20 ampoules per pack) with 2.5 ml PULMOCLEAR Inhalation Solution (NaCl 0.9%) – Pharmaceutical grade.

  • Sterile product: Sterilized using Aseptic Processing technique and preservative free

  • Suitable for all ages

Manuka Honey

A singers secret wepon RAW & UNPASTEURISED - our Scrape & Separate method ensures a pure raw honey with a crystalline structure as well as a unique taste. Pure enjoyment.

  • RICH IN NUTRIENTS - the nutrient-rich bee pollen components make Steens Manuka Honey a healthy superfood that actively supports your body.

  • MGO 263+ - UMF 10+ : Your optimal companion for regular a support of your well-being.

  • UNIQUE MANUKA FACTOR (UMF) - is the highest level of certification. This tests for 9 specific ingredients to guarantee efficacy and authenticity.

  • 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND FAMILY TRADITION - Paul and Sheryl Steens focus on raw & unpasteurised honey. Transparency is important to us. Each jar is traceable by its batch number

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